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'Roots of Dub Funk 4' - Press reviews

IDJ - Album review. November 2004.
V/A Roots Of Dub Funk 4 (Tanty)
Having sifted through in excess of 400 tracks and whittled them down to 14, the fourth instalment in Tanty’s ‘Roots Of Dub Funk’ touches down with a selection that series regulars will recognise as typically eclectic. From the opening jazz funk juice of Jah Warrior’s ‘Ridiculous Dub’ to the junglist backdrop of DFA’s ‘Nest Of Vipers’ and the sweet rootsical sounds of Mystic Vibrations’ outstanding ‘Dub Games’, there’s more to this album than just heavy throbbing bass and cavernous echo chamber action, though that is naturally at its core, for what is equally apparent is its consistently catchy, melodic edge that makes this album much more accessible, not to mention memorable, than a lot of modern day dub. Big up to Kelvin Richards for another fine volume. 4 stars - Lurch. UK


Reggae Vibes - review. October 2004

Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Vocals : Backing : 4/5. Production : 4/5. Sound quality : 5. Sleeve : 4/5

Tanty Records proudly presents the next (fourth) installment of "Roots Of Dub funk", which happens to be the fourth documented chapter of dub's developments and achievements, featuring the familiar with the new found dub producers/artists from across our dubbed up globe. The happy compiler of this album is none other than the infamous Kelvin R. of the renown Dub Funk Association band.
Subtitled "The Rise of the Eclectic Dread" this CD showcases the best and most earthshaking dub outings as witnessed on the frontline of the dub battlefield. Please note that not all is new and trendy, there's a lot of solid and familiar dub music here. The Swedish band Social Living Sounds bring a an excellent Augustus Pablo influenced tune, but with a secure and contemporary sense, while UK dub maestro DJ Perch (from Zion Train) dubs along the susceptible borders of the deep Dub sea and delivers one of the best tunes here.

More experimental is Cosmic Rocker And Zeb with their composition "Sufferer Dub", and we must admit that we felt a slight hesitation when first listening to Doctah X with his heavy dub attack called "Black Eye Children Dub", a song we did not expect from a US based artist. How wrong can one be! Killa tune!

Well...what can we say...more than excellent compilation. Trust us!

Teacher & Mr. T. - HOLLAND

At a glance comments so far:

"Easily Dub Funk Association’s best compilation yet. awesome array of globally sourced dubs in liquid production, scary, adventurous and yet reassuringly familiar." DJ Debbie - UK

"Top album. Cheers." Fenny. "ON THE WIRE"/BBC RADIO.

“Phil Jupitus likes the album and played a track from it a couple of weeks ago.” BBC 6 Music

At a glance comments so far:

"Kelvin Richards has shown again and again just how popular dub is all over the world." SMALL AXE mag - UK

"What a great selection! Love it to the max." Dr Reggae - ISRAEL

"Well...what can we say...more than excellent compilation. Trust us!" Reggae Vibes - NETHERLANDS

"Excellent compilation!" DJ Bernhard - GERMANY

"Big up to Kelvin Richards for another fine volume". IDJ mag - UK



Various Artists - Roots Of Dub Funk 4 - Rise Of The Eclectic Dread - Tanty - CD
Kelvin Richards has shown again and again just how popular dub is all over the world, this latest compilation pull in dub producers from all over the world. Jah Warrior from the UK, No More Babylon from France, Social Living Sounds from (SE, not sure where SE is!) and so on. 10 Countires in all. Bit by bit all what is dub today is displayed. Jah Warrior and DFA always safe bets very traditional - but not in the negative sense good dub is hard to make. My favourite of this set though is 'Sufferer Dub' from Cosmic Rocker and Zeb out of the USA - its got everything that a good dub should - plenty of space and a deep deep bass.

Ray - UK

At a glance comments so far:

"Dub funk 4 is wonderful!" VIRUS RADIO SHOW - ITALY

"Another heavy-weight from the Tanty Laboratories. Boomblasting!"

"Excellent selection as usual. Will be in my box for a long time and is currently at NUMBER 1 in my playlist". Earth Doctor - UK

"This is the best release so far and I'd go one step further and say its the best outernational selection of dub in the new millenium. No one has ever covered the genre so extensively like this before." Haji Mike - CYPRUS

"You really pick out some of the quality music being produced now and showcase it beautifully on this CD." Sister Ali POWER JAM FM - UK

"This is a great introduction for those curious about the sounds of Kingston and beyond." HOT PRESS - UK

"I really enjoyed it. There is very good stuff here." DJ Russ Jones - UK

"The 4th and maybe the best of the series. One of the Best dub albums of the latest years." Fabrizio - Contra Radio - ITALY

"Excellent!" Baldacchino Salvatore - Radio 7QV - ITALY

“I think it’s the best one yet.” UNDERCOVER mag - UK

"Nice album providing a good taste of todays wider world dub scene. Great album name!" Foundation Sounds - UK

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