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'Love So Strong'

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Love So Strong (12")
Kelvin Richard dabbles, in everything, it seems. Hence his records, dub-house meet the-sounds-that-hath-no-name, have hitherto been too cluttered, chock-a-block with fighting styles. No longer: this, though more a DJ tool than a real record, is promising stuttering garage with a hint of something strange. Why, on the Cultural Vibe mix, remixed by JM Easy, Love... thinks it is Pal Joey. It s not though; it s just Kelv.

Love So Strong (12")
Original, exciting, different-just as 90s dance music should be.
Love So Strong (12")
Kicking off this week with a few things on the smaller UK underground labels. A rather tasty number has surfaced from Tanty Records 'Klub Cutz series, 'Love So Strong' by the Dub Funk Association. Four versions of a mellow deep house groove, most effective in the JM Easy Cultural Vibe Mix, which makes good use of simple organ lines and minimal samples from Jocelyn Brown and the original vocal. As good as any of the Strictly Rhythm dub workouts, and worth checking out.
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