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'Enter The Chuzzler'

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Rating : 3 (1 to 5 stars)
U.K.-based Dub Funk Association consists of Russell (Disciples) Brown, Part 2, Trevor (Technician) McKenzie, Dave Hendry, Daniel (Interruptor) Bosshard and Kelvin.R. Their music combines elements from different kind of music styles - Breakbeat/Hip Hop/Dub - which are, more or less, related to each other. Their approach enables them to create a sound that is refreshing and adventurous and definitely has a hypnotic ambience. This limited edition DJ 7" single features two Breakbeat tracks taken from their forthcoming album "Sounds Of The Heavyweight", to be released in September 1999. "Enter The Chuzzler" brings a very mesmerizing sound that gets its accents when flowing into a varied landscape of instruments and effects, which provides the listener new and unexpected discoveries every time he gives the plastic a new spin. The heavy, driving bass in "Rescue Service" takes you on a seemingly endless trip through Dub Funk Association's world of voices, instruments and weird effects that drop and out the mix. Well worth checking out for listeners with open ears and minds ! (Teacher & Mr. T)
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