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'Creation / Gruuve Me 2'

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'Creation/Gruuve Me 2' (12")
The press release describes this Dub Funk as the bringing together of Reggae, Dub, Jazz, Techno, House and Dance Music. To my ear it sounds like Art of Noise-meets-King Tubby-and-remakes Riot in Lagos. The Tanty Records slogan is 'trying to be different'. They've succeeded and, to coin a cliche, it's the difference you'll enjoy.

'Creation/Gruuve me 2' (12")
The Dub Funk Association are causing reviewers to dig deep into their descriptive vaults with their debut on Tanty Records. Tagged 'Creation'/'Gruuve Me 2' the tracks blend slabs of techno and funk with slivers of jazz, house and dance all dubbed funk to effect. The 12" limited edition is available in most dance specialist outlets.
'Creation/Gruuve me 2' (12")
'Not a Hurley/Knuckles/Morales/J.Negro remix in sight!' proclaims the blurb. No disrespect to the roll of production honour there, but that sentence immediately endears this record to these ears. Sounding avante garde without sounding too arty, the DFA cut up voices, pianos, artful effects and more over a deadly, farty bassline on 'Creation' (here in three not radically different mixes) in a style that's more dub/funky/house than just dub funk. 'Gruuve 2 Me' contains an unfortunate Funky Drummer break, made up for with flute, organ and extra topping. A crossover of early 80s dub, disco, techno and more make up for two tracks of Balearic inventiveness that might still be too slow for some dancefloors. To be applauded and more importantly, enjoyed.

'Creation/Gruuve me 2' (12")
Definately different. Dub funk? The best mix features a heavy sub dub electro B line (if you know what I mean), a funky drummer loop, and nutty Larry Youngs Fuel type keyboard. What are they on?
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